Services for Organizations

Looking for help?

Many organizations seek out guest speakers to help inform and educate their
members. Allow us to customize a presentation to address your member’s
questions and concerns. We can speak on such topics as Medicare enrollment
seasons, Medicare Part D and it’s coverage gap and the changes that insurance
benefits go through each year to name a few.

PBC has provided these types of services to many community, private and faith
based organizations around the state over the past several years.

Are you part of an ethnic speaking organization?

We have licensed insurance agents that speak fluently in Japanese, Cantonese,
Mandarin, Korean and Tagalog. In many situations, we can provide literature in
these languages as well.

Schedule a presentation

PBC agents are busiest with presentations during the last quarter of the year. This
is typically the open enrollment period for Medicare and when people have the
most questions. Contact us today to ensure we can accommodate your request.
All of our agent’s seminars are conducted free of charge. Contact Us