Services for Employers and HR Firms

What now?

Many times when an employee retires, they are overwhelmed by the task of finding health care.
Which plan is best? When can I enroll? How do my current health plan options compare to my
former employers benefits? Most employers and HR firms are not experts on senior health care
options. We are! Allow us to assist your retirees through this confusing time. We can sit with
your employee at your work site or at our office before they retire to help ease the transition.

Do you have ethnic speaking employees?

If your employees are more comfortable speaking their native language, we can help. We have
licensed agents that speak Japanese, Cantonese, Mandarin, Korean and Tagalog available to
assist you.

Free Consultation

There is no fee to have one of our agents consult you and your business. Contact us today to find
out more and how we can help your employee’s transition into retirement easier. Contact Us